The MCM brand is a company I have recently learned about and quickly have fallen in love with. Their pieces are timeless while still being fashion forward. It's very seldom when you can find a brand that has clothing that looks amazing on both men and women. Their current spokesmodel is Rain who compliments the brand very well adding sexiness to every photo. Check out the dapper pictures below that were just released.

When it comes to GD, I feel he has had as many hairstyles as outfits. I came to the realization of what makes him different from other artists. It's his androgyny. He straddles that border and does it quite well.

This is my absolute favorite K-Pop girl group. I wanted to share some of my favorite fashion pieces they've worn. I'll start this series with the "Can't Nobody" video which came out at the end of 2010 BUT the fashion is so 2020!