So while I was searching for some new fashion online and listening to some K-pop I came across a few articles about a fabulous $20,000 dress that Park Bom from 2ne1 had on in her new video. I did a little research to find out that the dress was Alexander Mcqueen's last piece that he made before his untimely death.

Mega Bootie by Haus of Price

April 12, 2011 in

Funky Tights

Many relief efforts have been put in place to aid the victims of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami. One that is cool and has strong ties with fashion is the fundraiser staring a giant Converse All-Star sneaker in front of the Aoyama Children’s Castle. The sneaker is part of a fundraiser event with movie Gulliver's Travels that recently opened in Japan. Citizens were asked to write on the huge sneaker with encouraging words for the victims of the disaster.

Love, Live, Japan!!!!