Hey Everyone!! It's New Years Eve morning here in Korea! I'm so excited since this is my first time actually doing something on New Years Eve AND my first time being out the country.
I wish you all a very great New Years. Here is my latest video about some of the random things I've learned, seen, or heard while living out here in Korea. Well at least for 2011, who knows what I'll run into for 2012!!


Hello Everyone!

The New Year is quickly approaching. I hope the year has brought you many wonderful things. I'm really excited to spend New Years in Seoul this year checking out all the wonderful festivals!

So with every new year comes resolutions and changes, and the Pink Fashion Ninja is due for one!

To start 2012 off right I am holding a contest looking for a great new logo for PFN.

The prize for the winner will include

  • A KPOP CD of your choice (I will mail it to you from Korea!) 
  • Your portfolio/blog link/information featured on the 'Chimon of the PFN' page
Now if you aren't a designer and have no portfolio link, no worries! I will have your name featured along with your blog, FB page ect showing that you designed the wonderful logo for the blog! Any and everyone can enter. 

The criteria:
  • Me having sole ownership of the logo
  • The design MUST be original (that you created)
  • A psd (or ai depending on which program you use) and a jpeg version of the design
When it comes to the logo, anything is a go. If you would like to create one from scratch or use a picture of mine, doesn't matter! You can also design the Pink Fashion Ninja font is you choose not to do a design.

My only request for the logo design
  • An all white background (it makes it much easier to manipulate and maneuver around)
A few ideas I've thought of
  • Ninja weapons like a 5 point star or a sword
  • A profile of a face
  • A really cool font for the words
  • Something that screams PINK FASHION NINJA!
Deadline Sunday January 8th, 2012!
Email me at aprilkamil88@gmail.com with your design(s). The subject should say "Design Contest."

If there is no winner or no entries then I'll just conjure up something myself!!

Have Fun
Everyone in the Kpop world knows how avant garde G Dragon of Big Bang is. His fashion has set trends and continuously keeps the awe factor. Now I have switched favorite members of Big Bang a lot, I'll admit. It was first T.O.P. then Taeyang, but now I feel like I can finally write my name in stone with G Dragon. He's extremely androgynous which I USUALLY HATE on male Kpop artists. The guy liner and tight pants does not amuse me nor does it make me more attracted to that person. I like them tall and hunky like Rain Bi!

BUT there is something about the way that Kwon JiYong does the whole androgenous, pink cheetah, guy liner, Edward Cullen pale skin, all white suit, blonde mushroom bob, aeygyo sweater, red skinny jeans, under 6'ft thing. IT WORKS. It's actually very sexy. It's mysterious like "Ooh What's he going to do next? Is his outfit going to be better than mine?"

Harajuku blogger and singer  きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ aka Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has hit us with another artistic video. In my first post about her video "PonPonPon" I stated it'd be great if her second video were much darker than her first, possibly a very Gothic Lolita Look i.e. Moi-même-Moitié. Well that definitely seems like the theme she was going for here. Naturally, in using the imagery of "Alice in Wonderland" the theme will be dark. The "Alice" story is very dark and magical.

I had the honor of attending a Fashion Group International event is Seoul last week. The Fashion Group International is a non-profit organization of fashion industry insiders. It’s designed to help members become more effective in their careers by providing insights on major trends and networking across the globe. 

Gong Yoo was seen at Incheon International Airport last week sporting a chic casual look. Yoo was on his way to attend a fan meet entitled "Yoo and I". (How cute right?) He is best known for his role in the Kdrama "Coffee Prince" and the most recent "Dogani" (The Crucible). While watching "Dogani" (when I wasn't crying at the horrific parts!) I was gawking at his tall, slender, gorgeous self.

He went for a very sleek and comfy get up comprised of a grey scarf, a black mid thigh coat, dark jeans and dress shoes.

I really love that he wore dress shoes instead of tennis shoes because it allowed his outfit to be mature. He topped it off with a great fedora and incognito black wayfarers!

Taeyang definitely has his own cool style. Try it out for yourself with these staple pieces. And don't forget the SWAG!
Kpop Style Spotlight: Big Bang

A winterized version of Narsha's photo shoot for Maxim Korea. The look is fresh and easy to mimic. Click on the thumbnails to view items and purchase! Also check out the Kpop Style Spotlight for Narsha.
KPop Look: Narsha

December 09, 2011 in

My Domo Kun Kollection

I wanted to show the Domo items I have collected recently. I only buy Domo things that I can use on a daily basis. I have to spend my won wisely! Hope you enjoy the pictures. I also did a video showing off my Domo goods.
Please Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own the character Domo, nor the characters portrayed with him. Photos are shown for entertainment purposes only. Rights and ownership of Domo and related products belong to its respected owners (NHK, ect).
Narsha is a fierce fashionable woman. I first became captivated by her when she released her solo album titled "Narsha." The clothing theme for the album was a very Dark Gothic European look that I really admired. Even in her everyday fashion she usually goes for a monochromotic look.

The YG Family Concert was an epic event. To see the biggest stars in Korea on one stage was an amazing experience. I've been following and loving the fashion and visual concepts that 2ne1 has come up with ever since their debut. I totally spazzed out when I was there to actually see them in the flesh. Of course Big Bang brought the fire and it was wonderful to see Daesang in good spirits. The 5 haven't performed together since the summer time when "Love Song" was hitting the airwaves. Tablo did a great job on stage and I am now a new fan of Psy who's live performances are out of this world! Gummy and Seven were nice and I really enjoyed hip hop duo Jinusean.

Omg Thank you YG Family! I was featured in a college of foreign fans on the official YG Family Facebook Page! Even though I had an infected eye, got my camera taken away, and ended up having to pay for two tickets, it was worth it! The 2011 YG Family Concert was the bomb!

Photo credit: YG Official Facebook

Going over my top Favorite Moments from the MNET Asian Awards. What were your favorites?

Just wanted to share Brown Eyed Girls "Cleansing Cream" which is my favorite video right now and some wonderful Kpop merchandise I've recently bought in Korea. To top it all off I'm going to the YG Family concert this weekend!!! Yeah me!

As a bonus here is Rain's "Love Story" video since I just picked up the Rainism Recollection CD/DVD (that is not in print anymore. Yeah lucky me!)

YG in the House!!!

Photo credit: MTVK, YGhype.com, YGFamily.com
Videos: RainSixToFive @youtube.com, LOENENT @youtube.com