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I'm a Blogger and Content Creator who loves fashion, Kpop and all things sweet and spicy. I'm also an avid sewer and DIY'er so when you see me with a pair of scissors...Watch OUT.
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 The residents of Hera Palace have returned with literally killer looks for season 3. Each character has their own aura and aesthetic that intertwines well with their story so I was so excited to try some of their looks. Check out the TikTok below and shop the looks!


The ladies of Hera Palace always slay 💅🏽 ##penthouse3 ##kdramafyp

♬ Boss Bitch - Doja Cat

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I'm so excited to finally share this with everyone!

    I've always wanted to design concert merch for one of my favorite artists either casually or professionally. As of now it's not "official" but I'm proud of how it came out and I think it reps the Miyavi brand well.  

For those who don't know...Hello, my name is April Jay and I'm a mega Miyavi fan. :D Sounds like I'm in an AA class but maybe more MFA (Miyavi Fans Anonymous. Lol.) Now if you haven't heard, Miyavi is returning with a new album titled "Imaginary" along with a new tour!!! I'm so glad tours are back. I've missed them so much.

He'll be making stops all over the states so make sure to get your tickets here!



Ready for the ##miyavi tour this fall 🔥 ##miyavi_ishihara ##diystyle

♬ Bang! - MIYAVI

Coming up with the merchandise I wanted to make came to me quite easily. I sat down and brainstormed what could represent the legacy of Miyavi. The first few items I jotted down were of course face masks because 1. I make them for a living and 2. We still have to wear them while out and about. After that I wanted to add pieces that I could DIY and create without having to purchase much supplies (because we're trying to style on a budget right? Lol) I was also thinking about if it were official merchandise the manufacturing cost should be reasonable but not take away the quality of the product. Oh look...there goes my fashion classes peaking through after a decade. Lol.

In total my "collection" totaled 6 with 2 handmade items, 3 diy'ed items and 1 gifted Miyavi nail set. :D

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Top 5 Anime Crushes

With the limitless choices of anime out there's no way not to have a plethora of baes. Either old school or new school characters - they all get added to your list. So let's dive into my top 5 and made sure to share yours in the comments!


Risking it all.... ##animedit ##deathnotelightyagami

♬ hottest mfers - amina

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Top 5 Anime Bae's

5. The Medicine Seller

Mononoke: The Medicine Seller  

Weird choice but I love his magical abilities and mysteriousness. Take me now.


Have you checked out rookie girl group StayC yet? If you haven't then you're missing out. 

The ladies debuted with the Electropop track 'Bad" under High Up Entertainment in 2020. For 2021 the group returned with the upbeat, feel good track 'ASAP' featuring quirky, mid-2000's KPop styling reminiscent of the 2NE1/F(x) era. Ever since I've watched the video I've searched my closet for similar styled items to rock and have had the song on repeat (it's the first track on my workout playlist.) So check out my take on StayC's ASAP style and shop the looks below!



StayC Girls...it's going down⭐ ##stylechange ##staycasapdance ##kpopfyp

♬ ASAP - STAYC(스테이씨)


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