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I'm a Blogger and Content Creator who loves fashion, Kpop and all things sweet and spicy. I'm also an avid sewer and DIY'er so when you see me with a pair of scissors...Watch OUT.
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Posting entertaining and engaging content can be quite rewarding but dealing with mental health while trying to build a brand can sometimes be overwhelming. 

There are days we wake up ready to take on our tasks and other days when we feel like none of its worth it. I'm speaking from experience as someone who deals with depression that distract you from creating.

Here are 5 ways that help me stay motivated as a content creator.

Photos of my goals as backdrops

Since I always have my phone or laptop I felt a good way to constantly remind myself of my aspirations is to always see a photo of it. It can be a spot of a place you want to vacation, a quote or a celebrity (or anime) crush that puts a smile on your face. Anything that gets your spirits up and reminded that every little things counts. My go-to photo are the Phraya Nakhon Cave in Thailand (it's super gorgeous place I want to visit someday) and a photo of Taemin. Lol.


369 Manifesting

I recently ran across this on social media. It mainly kicks your mind into gear by constantly reminding yourself of your goals. How it works. In the morning write down your aspirations 3 times. In the afternoon write them down 6 times and in the evening 9 times. Only downside is one can forget to do it daily but when you do remember to do it it helps greatly.


  I'm sure by now you've watch the action packed, dead body filled Kdrama Squid Game that's taken the world by storm. It's the first Korean drama to reach this height of fame world wide. Folks really can't get enough. Though I'm trying to process how I'm going to fight 10 million plus folks for my man Gong Yoo who's been gaining attention from the show. He's my Coffee Prince and we've got YEARS. So you newbies need to head to the back of the line way back there. 

I'm also super happy for my favorite model Jung Ho Yeon who I've been a fan of since her start on Korea's Next Top Model. You can check out all the episode recaps and explore her beginnings by clicking any of these links below. 

Jung Ho Yeon's photoshoot with Taeyang

KNTM Where are they now?

KNTM Top 3 Predictions

I've also become a fan of Kim Joo Ryeong who played the uninhibited Mi Nyeo. Her character was so layered.

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 Hello everyone!

    I wanted to announce a new series I'll be starting here and on my social media. Every Monday will be Mental Health Mondays where I share some tips that have helped me in maneuvering the world of social media. 

I have no degree in Psychology or any of the sort but I am a person whose dealt with maneuvering the fast changing, algorithm reigning world of social media (I'll get more into the all-seeing, domineering algorithm deity in another post.) I've also struggled with extremely toxic work environments in retail management that have brought me to the brink multiple times. Have I totally broken from the cracks and low self esteem that these entities poured on me? No. But I am here equipped with better knowledge and more defined boundaries to help me recover and prevent that level of distraught from conquering me again. Yea!

 Honestly as I type this now, it's difficult to realize I'm sharing this as I'm a particularly private person (Scorpio Moon AND sun) but I felt it was important to share my experience so that it can maybe reach others that are dealing with similar issues. 

I'm a content creator that has taken extended breaks throughout the last 10 years. From 2010 - 2015 I was heavily into vlogging, YouTube, blogging etc but from 2016 on I've paused due to the aforementioned toxic jobs, mental health and a vastly changing social media landscape. In 2021 I finally made a return to consistent content creation trying out platforms like TikTok for the first time. Honestly not much has changed other than qualifications being more strict and growing being more stagnant.

But for this first edition I wanted to focus on the side that content creators or just casual social media users deal with: the effects of being bombarded with images of celebrity/influencer lifestyles. 

Could this be a prequel to a BIGBANG return? We certainly hope so. 

King of Style G-Dragon has graced our presence as the new model for Korean hair care line The Trust TS. Multiple images have been released showcasing Mr. Kwon's tousled bob cut hair. 

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