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I'm a Blogger and Content Creator who loves fashion, Kpop and all things sweet and spicy. I'm also an avid sewer and DIY'er so when you see me with a pair of scissors...Watch OUT.
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It's Content Creation Fridays where I share my must-have items for creating blogging and social media content. 

If you're ready to take your content creation to another level no matter if you're just starting out or a pro - I've got your back.

I've been a blogger for over 10 years creating content on fashion and Korean pop culture so I want to share my tips and tricks on how to build and grow your website. It's a balance of social media and blogging that will spread your content to your audience. 

This month I'll be sharing my must-have items for lighting, backdrops and angles! If you're running a small business these items will also be great for creating high quality photos.

Let's dive into my must haves for taking my Instagram/Blog photos! 

 This post contains affiliate links. :)

Influencer/Blogger Equipment to Take your Content Creation to the Next Level

It's all about the angles hunny!


1. Softbox Lighting Kit with Color Filter Equipment 

This has been an absolute lifesaver and complete game changer for me. I'd advise doing some price research first and looking out for sales. This one was currently going for $100 but when I got it some months back it was only $50 with a promotion. As of now that specific one is sold out but I will still link it so you can keep it on your watch list. But here is one that is currently available.

One thing I really love about this is how multi functional it is. I can use the regular light for TikTok/Instagram videos and switch to the color filters to add effects. It also makes photos crisp with detail especially for product photos. I love using it for photographing my business products. I recently did a shoot with a beauty product and used the blue filter to give it a cool water like effect. 

The light also doesn't overheat though you yourself will overheat from the hotness of the lights. Lol. But I  would rather sweat from heat than my equipment: I can cool off and keep going, a hot blown fuse can't!

If you prefer a lower price range and no light filters, try out this Light Kit with energy saving light bulbs.




Every year it seems like Christmas sneaks up on us and we're scrambling to find the perfect gifts. It can also be challenging if you're purchasing for someone with specific taste like a Korean Beauty lover. The world of K-Beauty can definitely look intimidating from the outside in: but I've got you covered!

Here are 4 Korean Skincare products that will put a smile AND fresh skin on your loved ones face this holiday season.


*This post contains affiliate links! :)

1. Nature Republic Fresh Herb Snail Cleansing Foam

I SWEAR by this product. My mom even swears by it. The Nature Republic Fresh Herb Snail Cleansing Foam has made a huge difference in our skin and we'll probably use it for the rest of our lives. I'll be doing a review on it soon to share all the details but this is the #1 product I suggest to those wanting to use K-Beauty. Yes, snail can seem off putting but it actually has amazing features that I list in this post here: trust me, your K-Beauty loved one will totally understand. I gifted this to my mom on her birthday in January and to this day she thanks me for introducing it to her. This is a stocking stuffer that your loved one will always thank you for!


This year has brought us many memorable gifts: from a bored and freezing Bernie Sanders to a doll who shoots you dead if you move - there's a plethora to explore. So here are 5 fun Halloween Costumes to try this year.

*Post contains affiliate links

1. Cruella

She IS the moment. She is Cruella. This year the solo film was released and served us looks. The movie really touched me as I was a fashion student also with low funds so the movie resonated with me. Every outfit she wore I wanted in my closet. Such an icon. With this costume you have a huge pile of ideas to choose from since there are so many different looks that Cruella has worn. Makeup, hair, dresses....the works.

Shop the look

Costume Version 1 // Costume Version 2

My look - Black leather moto jacket // Black Blazer // V-neck lace top // Black Eyeshadow Base // Lengthening Mascara // Red lipstick // Nail Art


 Hello again,

This Mental Health Monday will be all about motivation (specifically how to keep it churning.)

Posting entertaining and engaging content can be quite rewarding but dealing with mental health while trying to build a brand can sometimes be overwhelming. 

There are days we wake up ready to take on our tasks and other days when we feel like none of its worth it. I'm speaking from experience as someone who deals with depression that distract you from creating.

Here are 5 ways that help me stay motivated as a content creator.

Photos of my goals as backdrops

Since I always have my phone or laptop I felt a good way to constantly remind myself of my aspirations is to always see a photo of it. It can be a spot of a place you want to vacation, a quote or a celebrity (or anime) crush that puts a smile on your face. Anything that gets your spirits up and reminded that every little things counts. My go-to photo are the Phraya Nakhon Cave in Thailand (it's super gorgeous place I want to visit someday) and a photo of Taemin. Lol.


369 Manifesting

I recently ran across this on social media. It mainly kicks your mind into gear by constantly reminding yourself of your goals. How it works. In the morning write down your aspirations 3 times. In the afternoon write them down 6 times and in the evening 9 times. Only downside is one can forget to do it daily but when you do remember to do it it helps greatly.